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Hello All!
We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of you who have stuck by our side during this difficult time of self-quarantine and the issuance of the Stay at Home orders.  We do consider our school community to be a family and we appreciate your continuing support through engaging in the Master Classes and Artist Sessions that have been added as supplements to our Performance and Rock 101 programs.  There have definitely been some amazing sessions, especially with Live Q&A sessions with the likes of Steve Vai and Billy Corgan! I know going remote has been challenging for some and we appreciate you all sticking with us and for being patient as we sort through what's next for our school. It's a new experience, and we miss the students more than you know. With the Spring season being extended, I understand there is a lot of uncertainty as to how long the season will run and when the shows will be. We're very excited to be entering Phase 2 this week in our reopening phases and with that comes great advantages. 

We will be following these guidelines, along with any guidelines issued by our local authorities in order to ensure the health and safety of our staff, students and the surrounding community.


 Phase 1 included the following:


·      Only staff has been in the schools to teach remotely.  During this time, staff adhered to the following 

requirements / recommendations:


o   Take temperature with digital touchless thermometer upon arrival;

o   Washing / sanitizing hands upon arrival and frequently throughout their day;

o   Sanitizing work areas regularly throughout the day;

o   Staff will be encouraged to wear a mask (as provided by SoR or personal mask) during their time in the school(s);

o   Maintain social distancing;

o   Do not gather into groups of more than 10

·      We will also take any additional precautions that are deemed necessary during this time in order to ensure 

your student(s) return to a healthy and sanitary environment.

·      Please note that some instructors may not feel comfortable conducting remote lessons in the school until 

Phase 2. For such cases, the instructors will be allowed to continue to teach remotely from home.


Upon the approval of the state and local government(s), we will enter into Phase 2 of reopening which will 

include the following requirements and recommendations:


·      Staff will continue to adhere to the requirements of Phase 1 and be required to wear a mask during hours of operation. 

·      Remote lessons will remain an option for students that wish to continue staying home at this time.

·      IMPORTANT: Students and staff will be allowed to enter the schools to take part in 1:1 lessons.  I have surveyed all lesson rooms and confirmed that safe, social distancing can be practiced.  If there is a lesson room that is a cause for concern, we will move the lesson to a larger room and schedule accordingly.




o   Take temperature with digital touchless thermometer upon arrival;

o   Wash / sanitize hands upon arrival and frequently throughout their day;

o   Wear mask during their time in the school(s);

o   Maintain social distancing;


·      We love our parents, siblings and family members, but please understand that we can have a limited 

number of students and staff in the school at the same time.  We request that you only come into the school 

to handle any business as needed and that you remain outside of the school for the duration of your student’s 

lesson.  Please do not gather in the front desk area or the parent area.  This is all for the health and safety of

 the students and staff.


·      In order to ensure the utmost sanitary standards, we may have to monitor the entry doors and open the 

doors for you.

·      Please help us by explaining to your student(s) that wearing a mask and washing / sanitizing their hands 

is a non-negotiable requirement.  Staff will ensure that this is happening.

·      We will also have plexiglass partitions in place at the front desks for further protection for our Studio Coordinators and/or GMs.

·      Any students or parents that enter the school must wear a mask.


 PLEASE NOTE:  Phase 2 allows for gatherings of 50 or less whilst maintaining social distancing.  We should be able to re-open our rehearsals at this time.   Students will be given specific areas where they are to go when not on stage in order to maintain social distancing.


All requirements for entering the school for lessons apply to rehearsal:

*      IMPORTANT:  We are also requiring that all vocalists bring their own microphone to rehearsals from here 

on out.  Inexpensive microphones can be found on Amazon and at online retailers like Sweetwater.  Just make

sure that they have an XLR connection.  We can assist you in finding a microphone for your vocalist.

*      Students will not be allowed to use water fountains.  They should bring their own water bottles or use the 

vending machine for drinks. 

*      During Phase 2, we will not allow food to be eaten except during any scheduled breaks while maintaining 

social distancing in an effort to stop any food sharing. 

*      Depending upon cast numbers, rehearsals may be split into waves in order to comply with the mandates.

*      Vocalists may be separated from the group by a plexiglass shield while singing if needed.  All shields will 

be cleaned and sanitized.

*      Performance Group and Rock vocalists may be issued a mask that  will make  it easier and more 

comfortable to sing if needed.  These are washable and more breathable than traditional masks. 

Students desiring a mask should check in with the GM / SC to obtain.  Other options for vocalists would be 

to bring a bandana.


NOTE:  Those students uncomfortable with resuming in-person rehearsals will be able to log in remotely in order to interact with the group.  

I hope this clears up any questions regarding our plans for Performance and Rock 101 this season. However, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.
Thank you all, stay safe and healthy!
Rock on!
Abbie Emmons & Angie McCreight
General Manager & Owner