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Dear School of Rock Family,


We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of you who have stuck by our side during this difficult time of self-quarantine and the issuance of the Stay at Home orders.  We do consider our school community to be a family and we appreciate your continuing support.  We’d like to update you on the plans for School of Rock moving into May.


As all are aware, Governor Lee has extended the Stay at Home order when it is set to expire on April 30, 2020 in an effort to get the state back up and running and establish some sense of normalcy in the month of May and leading into June.  It will be a phased approach, however, the better we adhere to the guidelines, the faster we will get back to doing what we love the most.  We will be following these guidelines, along with any guidelines issued by our local authorities, in order to ensure the health and safety of our staff, students and the surrounding community.


Beginning May 4, we will initiate Phase 1 of reopening for our Franklin location.  


Once Davidson County is allowed to enter Phase 1, we will open that Nashville location and enter Phase 1.  


Phase 1 will include the following:


Only staff will be allowed in the schools to teach remotely.  During this time, all staff will adhere to the following requirements / recommendations:

o   Take temperature with digital touchless thermometer upon arrival;

o   Washing / sanitizing hands upon arrival and frequently throughout their day;

o   Sanitizing work areas regularly throughout the day;

o   Staff and instructors will be advised to wear a mask (as provided by SoR or personal mask) during their time in the school(s);

o   Maintain social distancing;

o   Do not gather into groups of more than 10


We will also take any additional precautions that are deemed necessary during  this time in order to ensure your student(s) return to a healthy and sanitary environment.


Please note that some instructors may not feel comfortable conducting remote lessons in the school until Phase 2.   For such cases, the instructors will be allowed to continue to teach remotely from home.


Upon the approval of the state and local government(s), we will enter into Phase 2 of reopening which will include the following requirements and recommendations:


Staff will continue to adhere to the requirements of Phase 1.   

IMPORTANT: Students and staff will be allowed to enter the schools to take part in 1:1 lessons.  I have surveyed all lesson rooms and confirmed that safe, social distancing can be practiced.  If there is a lesson room that is a cause for concern, we will move the lesson to a larger room and schedule accordingly.


Remote lessons will remain an option for students that wish to continue staying home at this time.



o   Take temperature with digital touchless thermometer upon arrival;

o   Wash / sanitize hands upon arrival and frequently throughout their day;

o   Wear mask during their time in the school(s);

o   Maintain social distancing;








PLEASE NOTE:  Phase 2 allows for gatherings of 50 or less whilst maintaining social distancing.  We should be able to re-open our rehearsals at this time, but on a limited schedule, depending upon the number of students and the ability to maintain safe social distances.


All requirements for entering the school for lessons apply to rehearsal

As we near approval for entering Phase 3 of reopening, we will send out more details.

REMEMBER: Phase 1 is staff and instructors only.  We will reach out as soon as approval to enter Phase 2 is given. 

Again, thank you for your continuing support!  

Angie and Kelly

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