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School of Rock Johns Creek Announces New Fall Performance Headliner Shows and Fall Schedule

 School of Rock Johns Creek's Fall Season Rehearsal Schedule


Performance Headliners Rehearsal Days/Times (2.5 hrs. for ages 12-18) 

Flannel Rock - Rehearsal Saturday @ 12:30pm 
Prog Rock - Rehearsal Tuesday @ 6pm
The Beatles - Rehearsal Wednesday @ 6pm

Opening Act Rehearsals (1.5 hrs. for ages 10-13)**
Monday rehearsal (with Archie this season) @ 5:45pm
Thursday rehearsal (with Daniel this season) @ 5:30pm

Rock 101 Rehearsal (1.5 hrs for ages 9-11)**

Tuesday rehearsal @ 4pm
Wednesday rehearsal @ 5:30pm
Saturday rehearsal @ 10:30pm

Master Rookies Rehearsal (1 hr. for ages 7-8)**
Wednesday rehearsal @ 4pm
Thursday rehearsal @ 6:15pm
Saturday rehearsal @ 12:00pm

Rookies Classes (1 hr. f
or ages 6-7; no instrument or lesson needed)
Classes capped at 8 students.

Monday @ 6pm (almost full)
Tuesday @ 5pm
Saturday @ 10am and 11 am

** These programs involve both a rehearsal and a one-on-one lesson. 

Master Rookies is a 30-minute lesson. 
Rock 101, Opening Act and Performance lessons are 45 minutes. 

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