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Summer Season 2019 Heats Up

We are preparing for a fun summer season, beginning the week of May 20th. 

Performance headliner shows include Jam Bands and Fleetwood Mac. 
Opening Act, Rock 101 and Rookies will have great themes too. 
There are lots of fun activities going on in the studio in the summer. 
This is a great time of year to be a part of our musical community. 
Without the pressures of school, students during the summer tend to be more relaxed and 
engaged in their music and have even more fun. 

So, if you are busy during the academic year, summer is a great time to get involved. 
Our summer shows always wow us with great talent! If your summer is busy, we can work around vacations. 
We also have flexible solutions to keep you involved this summer. 

Keep what you have learned or start learning- have a fun summer of music! 

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