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Enrolling Now for our Fall Shows! MOTOWN, SUB POP, BRITISH INVASION, POP ROCK A-Z, Adults and Rock 101. Contact us to Sign Up!


Music education resources for Lake Oswego students and information for parents about the benefits of learning to play music, how to develop proficiency and more.

School of Rock Lake Oswego Performance Program

Fall Season 2023

Enrollment has started for the School of Rock Lake Oswego Fall Season! We have one on one lessons and weekly rehearsals. Rehearsals for Fall 2023 are Rock 101, Adult, MOTOWN, SUB POP, BRITISH INVASION and POP ROCK A-Z with final performances in early February 2023. For more info, to register, or to set up a FREE trial lesson, give us a call!

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School of Rock student singing on stage

Shure Microphones: Black History Month

School of Rock, and our partners at Shure Inc., look back at some iconic moments in music history to show our students that the same microphones they use in their rehearsal rooms and on stage were also used by the legendary Black musicians who inspire them.

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