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Fairfield School of Rock AllStar Becca Webster plays her winning entry in the

Fairfield School of Rock AllStar Becca Webster Wins "Hit Like a Girl" Drumming Contest

Our School of Rock AllStars produces talented musicians and it's always encouraging for them to be acknowledged outside of the program. A Fairfield AllStar, Becca Webster, entered the "Hit Like A Girl" drumming contest with a Snarky Puppy medley and won, making the entire program and her school proud. Read more about Becca's journey to becoming a School of Rock AllStar, a drummer and an overall multi-talented musician by clicking the link below.

"Becca’s contest video songs are different from her usual groove playing. But she loves the polyrhythms and layering of parts with each limb. The songs forced her to work on 4-way independence."
Read more about Becca Webster's "Hit Like A Girl" drumming contest win. Click here.