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Cancel and Reschedule Lessons now through Pike13 and Get the SOR Method App


Parents, guardians and students can access their schedule through Pike13. You can download your schedule to the calendar on your preferred device to always know when you have lessons. You can also change and update credit card information, access past bills and sign waivers. This is also the place to view lesson notes, update your address, phone number, email, emergency contact or any info needed for your student. 

You can also cancel attendance from a lesson, show rehearsal, or Rock 101 rehearsal. If you cancel a private lesson with a 24 hour notice you will automatically be given a make up pass to use within 60 days of the cancelled lesson. Click here to set up and claim your account

 SOR Method App

The School of Rock Method App is a revolutionary tool for home practice. All School of Rock students who take some form of one-on-one lessons have access to the app included in their monthly tuition. The app contains all of the exercises from the School of Rock Method Books, along with transcriptions to over 1,000 songs.

The Method App is used by our teachers to assign exercises and songs, and to provide feedback and comments. Students can manipulate playback, tempo, and backing track audio to help them learn. The Method App is patent-pending and available exclusively to students enrolled at School of Rock. The Method App is available for free download through Google Play or Apple Apps. Click here to set up your account