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Microclass Series Supporting Raleigh Local Music

Microclass Series Supporting Raleigh Local Music


At the School of Rock Raleigh, we make real musicians, and we also support local musicians on their professional journeys. Even through a pandemic like COVID-19, we believe we can do good for our Raleigh community. As such, if you are a local musician, we want to put you in the spotlight. And if you are a student, we want to give you meaningful content, instruction, and distraction in these days of social distancing.

Here's how it works:

Local Musicians:

  1. Create a 5-7 minute video (no need for special effects, just be you)
    • Introduce yourself or your band (with a shoutout to where viewers can find out more about you - your website, your merchandise site, your social channel, etc.)
    • Play a riff, a verse, or tell us about a relevant topic like sound engineering, lighting design, or how to get started as a musician (the topics are endless!)
    • Show how to learn it 
    • Give the viewer something relevant to practice (homework)
  2. Submit the video to us at raleigh@schoolofrock.com 
  3. If chosen, we’ll publish it on our social channels along with a big shoutout to you, AND pay you $75 (multiple entries are welcome!)


1. Subscribe to our channel to watch amazing local content from amazing local musicians

2. Learn from real musicians, practice what they show, or even show us through video what you learned on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. 

3. If able, ask your parents to consider supporting the local musician - they need your help right now!


We all need a little rock ’n roll right now, and what better way to come together as a community than to support our local musicians while simultaneously keeping our children educated, entertained, and safe! 


Please join us! 

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