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Summer 2024 Programs Now Enrolling   CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!


Summer 2024 Programs Now Enrolling!

School of Rock Ridgefield is excited to announce our SUMMER 2024 Performance Programs! We will be offering 3 different programs for students beginner-advanced ages 9-18 and 2 Rock 101 sessions for beginner students ages 7-9. Each performance program has a different theme and rehearses on a different day, so you have a choice on which program is best for you. We are now enrolling students age 7-18 on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals!!

Our Performance Program is designed to get students playing together in a fun, interactive environment. The program includes a weekly 45-minute private lesson and a weekly 3-hour band rehearsal. Our Rock 101 Program is for our younger, more beginner students, and includes a weekly 45-minute private lesson and a weekly 45-minute band rehearsal. Each program will have season-ending performances in early September 2024.

The summer is a great time to get your start at School of Rock! It's perfect for students who are too busy to join during the school year, and great for kids who need something fun and challenging to do over the summer months! Our schedule is flexible, so if you're going away on vacation or sleep-away camp you can still join. Whether you've never played before, or want to keep your chops up this season, we have the right programs for you!! If you don't have the whole summer available but still want to rock with us, check out our Week-long Summer Camp sessions that are still enrolling! We have FIVE camp weeks to choose from. Weekly Camps are another way to increase your skill set and have a blast!




Sign Up Online: click the button above to enroll your student. This is the best way to sign up for a program. With this form you can choose your rehearsal day option, as well as provide us with more information to better your SOR experience. Once you fill out the form we will confirm your student's enrollment with an e-mail.



Rehearses Monday nights from 5:00-8:00pm starting June 17th Performances in early September

So, what does INDIE actually mean? Although the term was originally used to describe rock music released through independent record labels, by the 1990s it became more widely associated with the music such bands produced. There is a long history on where it came from, but this show is more about where it’s at. Think The Strokes, Tame Impala, Mac Demarco, Vampire Weekend, and more! It's the show you've always wanted, but never thought possible. From intricate guitar riffs and pulsating baselines to atmospheric keyboard textures and odd time signatures, this show has something great in store for every musician and will be an unforgettable experience that won’t come up often! "Is This It?" Yes, it most certainly is. Sign up today!.

Indie Mix Playlist

Rehearses Tuesday nights from 5:00-8:00pm starting June 18th Performances in early September

Green Day rose to prominence in the early '90s as one of the largest bands in Punk Rock. Mixing Pop-style songwriting with Punk Rock aesthetics, Green Day has continued to be one of, if not the most, successful act in the sub-genre of pop-punk. Ranging from their early hits from the album Dookie to their later releases like American Idiot, this show is sure to excite any student. The Green Day show will offer a wide variety of guitar parts which are perfect for beginner and intermediate players. Advanced players will be challenged with marrying musical accuracy with stage showmanship. Drummers will be challenged to gain the endurance necessary to power through high tempo songs while more beginner players can build their chops with some of the slower more ballad centered material. Vocalists will focus on Billie Joe Armstrong’s fast staccato delivery, the use of chest voice and belting, as well as exploring the use of the major scales. In addition, proficient vocalists will be challenged by the various harmony concepts. When it comes to punk-style bass parts, Mike Dirnt lays down solid punk rock bass tracks, ranging from driving root notes to dynamic riffing.

Green Day Playlist

Rehearses Wednesday nights from 5:00-8:00pm starting June 19th Performances in early September

What better way to kick off the summer than by learning some sweet SKA AND REGGAE tunes?! Whether your thumping on a bass line from a Bob Marley song or skanking it up on the guitar from a Sublime track, this show will absolutely expand your musical palette! The show will cover all the eras of ska from the 60s up through the 00s, including acts like Toots and the Maytals, Fishbone, and The Mighty Mighty Boston’s. In addition we will also cover the Reggae legends such as The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff and Peter Tosh! Bassist and drummers are extremely highlighted in this show, the vocal harmonies are amazing, the guitarist will get a work out, and keyboardist are in demand! This show is open to horn players as well! Needless to say, it’s got something for everyone and will be a great way to play music that supports the summer chill.

Ska and Reggae Playlist

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