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Music resources and tips from School of Rock Syosset-Oyster Bay for all musicians. This will help Syosset students improve their musical proficiency and become successful performers.

School of Rock Tutorials: Triple Pattern

In this School of Rock Mini Lesson, one of our Drum Instructors, Derek, demonstrates a triple pattern between a bass drum and snare drum. ### School of Rock is the largest music education company in the world. Each year tens of thousands of kids take their very first music lesson and within months perform in a real rock concert, at a real venue. With four convenient locations in Huntington, Rockville Centre, Roslyn, & Syosset, we are fostering the next generation of great musicians. Our unique performance-based curriculum pushes students to develop in-depth musical skills through individual instruction, rehearsals, and performances with fellow students. For more information, please call us at 516-234-ROCK.

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If You Want Smarter Kids Teach Them Music, Not Coding, According To MIT

Most parents want their children to be intelligent and successful. And while some experts have pushed parents to teach their children coding, new research is pointing to music as the gateway to smarter kids. While coding does allow for a great advantage when it comes to technology, it lacks many benefits that music provides. The argument to teach children code is that it helps them with their math and language skills. However, recent research carried out by MIT and published in the Journal of Neuroscience is now showing how powerful music can be on a child’s brain development.

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