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School of Rock students learning how to play music and preparing for show in Colorado Springs

Kids learn to rock at School of Rock in Colorado Springs

The next generation of local musicians are hard at work and preparing for their next rock show. It’s all happening at School of Rock in Colorado Springs which had its grand opening in late April.

School of Rock is one of the newest schools to open in the area, and it works very similar to the popular School of Rock movie starring Jack Black. Aspiring musicians, ages four and up, attend weekly lessons to fine tune their skills, so they can get ready for a live audience at a local venue.

“When people come here and they say ‘hey, is this like the movie?’ I say, absolutely it is,’ said Baylee Parks, studio coordinator and instructor for the school. “We have kids come in, they get to learn rock instruments, and they go out and they put on a show. One of my favorite parts about being an instructor is working with children, and seeing their growth and excitement about music.”

At the performance-based school, instructors teach iconic rock songs to aspiring musicians. First are the one-on-one classes, then come the band rehearsals. Students can learn to play instruments like guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums or vocals.

“I think it’s really fun because you get to know people and you get to make friends,” said Sophia Montero, a vocalist who’s nine years old. “Being a vocalist is also fun because you get to be in front of the stage and say ‘hi’ to the audience.”

“To be able to do something that I’m passionate about, with a group of people that are genuinely the nicest people on this planet, is an amazing opportunity,” said Abigail Marsh, a vocalist and guitarist who’s 16 years old. “Honestly, for my first performance here at School of Rock, I was really nervous at first, but the moment that I got on stage, it was an amazing experience and I was really comfortable.”

Students also learn how to perform in front of large crowds at local venues and how to interact with the crowds. Eventually, they would like to have musicians play at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

“We hope School of Rock becomes a household name in Colorado Springs, because we want to be playing at every venue, at every event at every festival,” said Parks. “We’d like for you to eventually always count on seeing School of Rock when you go to an event with your family in Colorado Springs.

The school is open all year-round school. During the summer, there are still opportunities to practice during the summer season, with a show booked in the fall. There are also some week-long summer camps students can attend.

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