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School of Rock Partners with Musically Fed

School of Rock has partnered with Musically Fed to help support volunteer initiatives around the country. Musically Fed, which launched six years ago, works with artists, promoters, managers and venues nationwide to donate unused backstage meals to community organizations that feed the homeless, hungry and food insecure. “At School of Rock we're passionate about enriching the lives of not only our students but also our communities. Part of leaving a lasting, positive impact as an organization is finding meaningful partnerships like these,” said Stacey Ryan, COO of School of Rock. 

School of Rock connects our passionate community with Musically Fed in an effort to support their mission to provide outreach programs in communities across the country. 

Musically Fed is a Phoenix-based non-profit which has provided meals to over 376,000 in need across America, serving agencies comprised of at least 50% veterans. Musically Fed identifies the opportunities, procures the resources, and coordinates all aspects of food handling, transport, and distribution. 

“I am so proud of our colleagues in the music business & our teams of volunteers for making a difference. We hope it now inspires the rest of the entertainment industry--including the fans--to get involved,” said Maria Brunner, Founder of Musically Fed.

Volunteer opportunities are available:



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