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What Makes a Microphone Iconic?

The most iconic microphones in the world have had their reputations forged over decades and proven anew each day. You have heard them before: at your first gig, on television, or in a packed arena. Chances are, the microphones you saw there (perhaps without realizing it) were made by Shure: a brand trusted by legends.

For almost 100 years, Shure has manufactured products of unmatched quality, reliability, and durability - helping artists, performers, and presenters deliver their messages to the world.

That is why School of Rock proudly partners with Shure Inc. The same Shure microphones that our students use in their rehearsal rooms and on stage were also used by icons across genres in music. Here are just 4 of their most popular mics:


From rap to rock, this powerful dynamic microphone delivers smooth, warm vocals every time. The SM7B’s wide frequency response captures the finer details of every performance while its rugged construction reduces unwanted distortion from louder singers.

While entertainer extraordinaire Conan O’Brien uses it for his popular podcast, psych-soul outfit Black Pumas turned to the unmistakable microphone for a crucial live recording of their Grammy-nominated hit ‘Colors’. For perfect, warm vocals, this microphone never disappoints.


There is a very good reason this durable microphone is a live performance legend. With a pneumatic shock mount and built-in pop filter, the SM58 provides warm, crisp vocals no matter if you are in a humongous stadium or cozy club. It is affordable, reliable and sounds just as good in a recording studio.

The Shure SM58 has set the industry standard for live performance for more than half a century. This stage stalwart can truly handle anything thrown its way: Run-DMC’s rhymes, Frank Carter’s screams and Mitski’s drama.


From guitar cabs to snare drums, this microphone delivers the goods every time. Whether onstage or in the studio, the SM57 is a true workhorse renowned for its dependability and sound quality.

Used by Questlove and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. It is commonly used by podcasters, streamers and rockstars to connect to their fans when it counts most.


The 55SH Series II is no doubt a classic beauty of a mic. But it also has modern technology powering it inside, so you’ll sound as good as you look on stage. The Shure 55SH is a beauty of a microphone. You may have seen it used by Elvis, Metallica or Billie Eilish. The 55SH just goes to show, a microphone can sound as good as it looks.

Shure microphones are available directly from School of Rock via the GearSelect program. Check your local school for details.

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