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School of Rock Winnipeg Celebrates Five Years of Rocking

We're Celebrating 5 Years and You're Invited!


Our virtual stage is set and our students are ready to ROCK once again! Join us on March 6th and 7th as we live stream our students performing various Rock and Pop classics throughout each of the two days.

The whole broadcast will be LIVE on our Facebook page:


Here is our broadcasting schedule for the event:


Saturday, March 6th

Saturday Rock 101'ers - 1:30pm

Saturday Rock N' Grohl Performance Group - 345pm

Monday Adult Band - 630pm


Sunday, March 7th

Wednesday Rock 101'ers - 12:00pm

Friday Performance Group - 2:15pm

Thursday Pink Floyd Performance Group with Special Guests from our Songwriting Group - 4:45pm


The livestream performances are all FREE and we encourage you to join us for as many of them as you would like!

These students are are all ready to ROCK for you. See you on the 6th and 7th!

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