Global Franchise 20 Exceptional Franchise Leaders of 2021

School of Rock CEO named one of Top Franchise Leaders by Global Franchise

Propelling substantial growth both domestically and internationally for the brand, School of Rock CEO Rob Price was recognized as one of 20 Exceptional Franchise Leaders of 2021.

Per Global Franchise Magazine:

This year has been one of franchising’s biggest yet, with brands managing to recover from lockdowns and come back swinging in a major way. Join us as we celebrate 20 of the most instrumental leaders in franchising, who have each taken their international networks from strength to strength.

Rob Price, CEO, School of Rock

School of Rock has had something of a bumper year when it comes to international development, with the musical education franchise opening in not one, nor two, but three overseas markets: Taiwan, South Africa, and Spain – with the latter being the franchise’s first location on the European continent.

The U.S. brand also celebrated the opening of its 300th school, and saw a boom in student figures, rising from 22,000 to 46,000. It also broadened its curriculum to include a greater range of diversity, including Black and female artists as part of its established repertoire of iconic musicians.

The growth of School of Rock has been off the back of a tumultuous year for education across the board, showcasing the true resilience of this finely-tuned franchise.

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