Vocal Lessons

For kids who always singing along to the radio, we offer a new way to learn how to sing. Unlike typical singing lessons for kids, we get vocalists on stage, fronting a real band as soon as possible.


Plus, we teach technique through classic rock songs kids know and love, making our voice lessons different than anywhere else. This performance-based approach inspires kids to learn, motivates them to excel, and makes them more confident as a result.

Beginner Vocal Lessons

Even if kids have been singing since infancy, voice training can be frustrating. That’s why School of Rock makes music classes for kids fun from the get-go.

Aspiring musicians ages 8-10 start their music education in Rock 101. The program includes a 30-minute individual voice lesson and a 90-minute group rehearsal, which helps students apply what they’re learning. Our expert instructors teach basic vocal training, including warm ups, microphone technique and the melody, lyrics and structure of real rock songs to prepare kids for the stage.

Intermediate to Advanced Vocal Lessons

The Performance Program is designed for vocalists who know the basics and are ready to turn their dreams of the spotlight into reality. Vocal students over age 10 learn advanced singing technique through weekly 45-minute private vocal lessons and band leadership skills in a weekly three-hour band rehearsal.

Each season culminates in an authentic rock show that leaves each student with improved vocal ability, great memories and leadership skills that last.