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Summer Season Enrollment is Underway!

Summer Show Themes 2022 for Rockers 12+


This Summer we are offering something for everyone! We are rejoicing in our post pandemic summer!!

Weeknight rehearsals will be in 90 group rehearsals anywhere from 5;30-7:00pm 7:00-8:30pm 6:30-8:00pm etc. The size of the enrollment will determine timeframes

Monday: British Invasion

The mid-1960s cultural phenomenon known as “The British Invasion” refers to the sudden and ubiquitous popularity of British rock and roll among the American youth of the time. The catalog of music created by these artists - including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Kinks among others - propelled rock and roll music to the mainstream of cultural relevance where it remains to this day. The British Invasion bands took inspiration from blues, folk, and early rock and roll and combined these influences in an exciting way that can teach both our students and audiences the foundation of modern pop and rock music.

Tuesday: Beach Party

This show will make you long for the beach as students learn summer hits from the classis up to present day. With a focus on an eclectic range of material from rock songs that pay homage to the beach and all that helps us rejoice in Summer! Think “Down by the seaside” by Led Zeppelin to Blister in the Sun, Walking on Sunshine, Islands in the Sun, Panama, School’s Out, Surf City USA to Rock Lobster! 

Wednesday: Color Madness

This cool show will feature the hottest, coolest, range of music in any of our shows this Summer.  Coming out of a grey dark pandemic filled two years we want to enjoy the summer in full technicolor!!  Drawing from the past to present day rock music, just imagine the set list! From Brown Eyed Girl to Purple Rain, Tangled Up In Blue, Roadhouse Blues, White Wedding, 16 Shades of Blues, Baby Blue, 99 Red Balloons, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, it is certainly one Technicolor show for the Summer!

Saturday:  Judas Priest & British Medal Friends

Maiden and Priest emerged on the 1970s as the frontrunners of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) movement. Both bands took the baton from early metal bands like Deep Purple and UFO, pumped up tempo and the wattage, and ushered in an age of stage theatrics and guitar heroics that have influenced everyone from Metallica to Ghost. And we are adding in other awesome British Medal band tunes and you have a can’t miss show for hard rock fans who want a huge challenge on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.

Listen to: The Trooper (Iron Maiden), The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden), Breaking the Law (Judas Priest), Painkiller (Judas Priest).