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New: Nirvana, Soundtracks, Classic Metal, and Stevie Wonder!

Rock your school year with us!

Want to perform live on-stage at an Atlanta music venue?

School of Rock Atlanta has an iconic patented music education curriculum that prepares all students ages 8+ to take the stage in front of a live audience at a local music venue each trimester!

We combine weekly group rehearsals to gain musicianship with a weekly private lesson to increase proficiency and accelerate conceptual learning.

Try us out with a free 30-minute trial lesson in guitar, bass guitar, drums, vocals, or keyboard!

And more info below on Nirvana, Classic Metal, Stevie Wonder, and Soundtracks!

New rehearsals for fall/winter Performance Program (ages 8 - 18):

Nirvana (Saturdays, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

With Kurt Cobain's exceptional song craft, hooks, and melodic lead lines, this show is great for students of all skill levels. It will teach students the importance of playing with dynamics. Guitarists will master power chords and learn about guitar effects, drummers will be challenged by the unique grooves and fills of Dave Grohl, bassists will study the bouncing rhythmic bass lines of Krist Noveselic, and vocalists will master the sophisticated vocal melodies of Kurt Cobain. While the power trio didn't have any keys, any guitar lines and chords can easily be doubled on the keyboard.


Full of guitar wizardry and riffs galore, Classic Metal’s explosion in the 1970s and early '80s would set the tone for a generation of Metal bands to come and leave an indelible impression on the music industry. This show will trace the roots of metal, from the late '70s hard rock, Ronnie James Dio fronted bands like Black Sabbath and Rainbow and to metal’s big break in the '80s with bands like Metallica and Megadeth. If you’re looking to sharpen your shredding skills on guitar and bass, speed up your chops on the drums, or hone your high range vocals - the Classic Metal show is for you!


Stevie Wonder - This is a challenging show that will bring out the best of any student.  Great for all instruments but especially great for keyboardists and rhythm sections. With elements of Soul, Funk, Rock, and Pop, the music of Stevie Wonder offers unique educational opportunities!


This show will be a survey of movie soundtracks and theme songs. This show may include songs from Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Movies, or even James Bond Themes. This is a great show for all instruments. With the vast possibilities of song selection, we can scale this show to any skill level.

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