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Allegra Hernandez has been at the West Des Moines School of Rock for nearly four years, working in different roles over time.  Most recently, they have served as the school's music director for the past year and a half.

Attending music school in college and seeing others play is what inspired them to pursue music professionally, while giving back to students of all ages in the rehearsal room.

"I learn from my students just as much as they learn from me.  With every lesson, I learn more and more about how to tap into my students' talents and abilities," Hernandez said.

Music played a big role in Allegra's life.  From playing the piano at age 9 to discovering the guitar at age 12, those experiences led them to what they call a "true musical journey" in 2011, eventually playing professionally.

"My main goal in music right now is to reach as many people as possible with my songs," Hernandez said.  "Sometimes as a creative or musician pursuing your career, there's not always a clearly defined path ahead of you with predictable outcomes."

Allegra is at the West Des Moines school five days a week, working on shows, camps, lessons, and everything in between.  So be sure to say hi when you see them!

More about Allegra:

Favorite song to play:  Hard to pick just one song but the MTV Unplugged version of Lake of Fire by Nirvana (originally by Meat Puppets).

Fun Fact:  Allegra's hair has been seen in many colors, including red, green, blue, and purple.