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Parent Testimonial

After a few months of only taking lessons at School of Rock Doylestown, we enrolled our 11 year old son in the Performance program.  He was reluctant at first but we encouraged him and chose one with music he enjoys.  He was given two songs at the first rehearsal and he was nervous!  What happened next was incredible….my son PRACTICED at home without prompting from me!!   


We attended rehearsal the next week and when it was his turn,  he was so scared, but jumped right in and started playing.  The Show Director was great.  He helped the group work together to run through the song a couple of times.  My son saw that everyone was just learning the song and felt more comfortable.  Coming out of this first rehearsal, my son knew more about what he needed in his lesson and was able to be a more active participant in his lesson, communicating with his instructor on his progress with his songs and where he felt he needed help. 


Over the past few weeks, we have seen my son’s confidence grow as his songs come together more and more.  He has gotten more songs to work on in rehearsals.  He is continuing to practice on his own.  His lessons are more productive.  We cannot wait to see our son perform with a band for the first time.   We love that he is working toward a goal and has accountability with the group!  Our son isn’t interested in sports, so SoR has been a wonderful experience to teach him teamwork and to take responsibility for his part.  


This program works and is worth every penny we spend on it!!