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School of Rock Eden Prairie Launches GRAD School

Some people play golf. Others play guitar.

School of Rock Eden Prairie launched Grad School this week. A group of adult amateur musicians will come together each Wednesday to rehearse for a couple of hours under the guidance of a professional musician, in preparation for a concert for friends and family at the end of the month.  This group of musicians have experience playing their instruments, but it's been a few years since they played but their chops came back quickly; just like riding a bike.

Musicians bring their own guitar or bass, but School of Rock provides the other instruments, sound system and all the gear needed to rehearse and perform. 

In September, we'll kick off a beginner band, where adult students who are just learning to play an instrument will come together to learn how to play together in a band. 

If you're interested in knowing more about Grad School, call 952-934-7625 x2. And if you'd like to experience Grad School, mark your calendar for September 6 to come see the inaugural performance in the School of Rock Clubhouse at 6585 Edenvale Blvd, Suite 100b. Eden Prairie. 

Check out Facebook Page for more details.