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Jenna follows her dreams to Nashville!

We say goodbye to our beloved vocal instructor Jenna Hunts as she moves to persue her dreams in Nashville!! Jenna was one of our first hires.  The school wasn’t even done being built when we did her interview, and from the first note she sang we knew we had someone special.  She quickly became a student and staff favorite, always coming in with a smile and a funny story or youtube video.  As her student roster filled up, she also took on Show Direction and eventually spearheaded the Songwriting Program.  She is an amazing singer/songwriter and she’ll be sorely missed.  we are beyond excited for her move to Nashville and the opportunities she’ll have there to further her musical career.  She’ll also be spending some time at the School of Rock Nashville, so if you’re ever in town swing by and say hello!  Jenna, thank you so much for five amazing years - you really epitomize what it means to be a leader at School of Rock!

Jenna will be performing her Farewell Show Friday, Feb 10th at Grady V's in the Plantation Room from 7-10pm, featuring a performance by the School of Rock House Band