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School of Rock Naperville Students Interviewed on WGN Radio

School of Rock Naperville’s House Band members Jeremy Donofrio, Charlie McNulty, and Jack Mitchell are the founders and members of the Naperville-based band Cool Plant Names. On Friday, October 25th, these three talented School of Rock students had the opportunity to go live on WGN radio, playing several original songs from their new album Dinosaur RV Park, as well as giving a very lively and insightful interview about being a young musician, and how they got their start at School of Rock.

Each member of Cool Plant Names has been a student at School of Rock for over 5 years. In the interview, they credited School of Rock for helping foster their talents; and these three young musicians each have an abundance of talent. Together, they create music that pairs funky bass lines with beautiful melodies and a chill, surfer vibe. We are tremendously proud of Charlie, Jeremy, and Jack, and we can’t wait to see and hear about their future accomplishments.

If you’d like to listen to the recording of the interview for yourself, click here!