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School of Rock Philly Launches New Remote Program and Digital App

Contact: Lisa Riley, School of Rock, 215-356-8756,

School of Rock Philadelphia Works to Keep Kids Safe But Still Rocking and Connected During Coronavirus Pandemic

Launches Remote Lesson Program and Revolutionary New Digital App
PHILADELPHIA, PA – In response to social distancing measures that have forced children to stay home from school and adults to work remotely, School of Rock Philadelphia is taking an innovative new approach to providing music instruction remotely. At this critical time, increasing opportunities for creativity and connection are the school’s top priorities.
This week, School of Rock’s nationwide network launched School of Rock Remote, a new online instruction option that gives kids and families the ability to continue their School of Rock education from home until they can return to the school for lessons and rehearsals. The Remote program combines the use of a safe, secure platform combined with the patent-pending School of Rock Method App to allow students to continue to take one-on-one lessons and interact with their teachers without disruption. 
School of Rock Philadelphia is also kicking off Virtual Music Masterclasses this week on topics ranging from Songwriting to Music Theory to Performance Strategies. Combined, School of Rock Remote, the Method app and virtual masterclasses will give School of Rock Philadelphia students an opportunity to keep doing something they love, continue learning, and battle isolation and boredom.
Because School of Rock emphasizes student safety, the program bypasses more common public social media platforms like Facetime and Skype and uses a private, password-protected app for exclusive content and instruction. Still, School of Rock Remote is easy, fun, and the next best thing to spending time with our instructors, friends, and bandmates. 
“School of Rock is all about connection, learning together, performing, and building a community around music,” said Lisa Riley, Owner of School of Rock Philadelphia. Riley, a former psychotherapist, understands the importance of engaging in activities that help reduce anxiety. “The new School of Rock Remote is a great way for our students and families to stay connected to others while playing music. It’s a positive way to cope with the unsettling fears experienced at this unprecedented time of isolation when school and so many social activities from movies to sports to concerts are not available.”
Jace Miller, School of Rock Philadelphia’s Music Director, states, “Our families, students, and staff are so thankful that School of Rock Remote exists, and enables everyone to continue to work on their musical proficiency while staying connected to each other.” Miller adds, “The feedback we’ve received so far has been very positive with parents and students expressing appreciation that we can provide some sense of normalcy and deliver something productive for them.”
Riley adds, “At School of Rock, we say we help kids rock on stage and in life, and we’re all facing a major life challenge right now. We believe that the joy of playing and sharing music can get us through anything, and we’re going to keep our kids rocking.”
About School of Rock Philadelphia:
Founded as a single school in Philadelphia, PA in 1998, School of Rock has become a rapidly growing international franchise operating more than 250 schools. School of Rock Philadelphia helps aspiring musicians master skills, unleash creativity, and develop the tools they need to thrive in life.