Piano/Keyboard Lessons

Kids don’t have to learn how to play piano in a tutor’s living room, practicing the same scales over and over. School of Rock’s piano lessons and keyboard lessons are designed to promote lasting skills and passion for music.


At School of Rock, private music lessons are a part of a richer experience. We teach piano, and all instruments, through songs kids know and love. Then we invite kids to play in a band on stage as quickly as possible, resulting in accelerated instrument training and teamwork skills that last far beyond the show.

Beginner Piano & Keyboard Lessons

Repetitive practice without context can leave kids frustrated, but our Rock 101 program is designed to give 8-10 year olds the best chance of success. Students learn the various tones and sounds required for a particular song and start playing right away. As kids are keyboard training, our experienced music instructors explain the concepts behind the music, not the other way around.

Beyond the weekly 30-minute individual piano lesson, students also get a 90-minute group rehearsal to help prepare them for the more advanced Performance Program.

Intermediate to Advanced Piano & Keyboard Lessons

Kids who have mastered the Rock 101 skills, or who are 11 or older, are enrolled in our Performance Program to elevate their musicianship. Through weekly 45-minute private keyboard lessons and a three-hour band rehearsal, they have the opportunity to refine both their solo and group ensemble skills.

Each Performance Program session ends with an authentic rock show. Not only do students feel a sense of accomplishment from performing on stage, but they also leave the experience with new friends and a new sense of confidence.