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Becoming a musician is all about a kid's firsts. Their first guitar, first live performance, first sold-out show. At School of Rock, our curriculum is designed to provide experiences like these through performing, rehearsing and playing in a band. Whether your kid is an absolute beginner or a budding rock star, we can help them get to that next level — just as we do for over 25,000 students worldwide. So sign up for a free lesson today!

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Our Approach

The conventional way to teach music? Push students to master musical concepts before letting them play music they like. But we’re unconventional: Here students start by learning to play and perform songs that inspire them. In the process, they learn the music theory that they need to get better. Build the confidence that comes from being onstage. Discover the ability to work with others. And enjoy the friendships and sense of belonging that come with being in a band. It’s that approach that’s made School of Rock the world’s largest music education company.


Our Programs

We believe incredible things happen when kids get together onstage. That’s why performance is at the core of everything we teach. It’s the best way for kids to learn music, and a clear path for them to develop skills that will help them in all aspects of life. Skills like collaboration, which we foster by integrating students of various skill levels in every band we form. This promotes mentorship and leadership in more advanced players and accelerates the progress of beginners. And regardless of skill level or age, all of our students learn one thing above all: How to have fun playing music.


Our Lessons

At School of Rock, kids can learn to play whatever interests them: guitar, drums, bass, or piano/keyboard. We also offer singing/vocal lessons. But no matter what kids choose to learn, our goal is the same: To do everything possible to encourage their passion for music and their love of performing. That’s how we believe music should be taught — and why our kids can’t wait for school to be in session.

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