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Winter Spring 2021 Show Themes


Guitar Gods and Goddesses Saturday Rehearsals Saturdays 1:30-4:45pm (2 groups)

This is a great show with a lot of diverse material. Guitar gods include Jimi, Jimmy, Eric Clapton, David Gilmore, EVH, and Santana. We will also highlight works of ZRV, Zappa, Steve Howe, Beck Frip, Val, Joe Walsh and some other deities. Not to be missed Goddesses such as Nancy Wilson, Lita Ford and Orianthi.This is a great show for all instruments as that guitarists are not the only members in the band :)


Music of Memphis Wednedsday Rehearsals 3:45-8:45pm (could be 3 groups)

The musical history of Memphis didn't start or end with Sun Records. Memphis has a rich musical history that includes Blues, Rockabilly, Soul and Rock and Roll. While Elvis may have been the face of Rock and Roll, Muddy Waters, BB King and Howlin Wolf were making music in Memphis first. In the 60s, Memphis Stax Records was the cousin to Detroit's Motown. This show has great parts for all instruments and all skill levels. It is also a great show for cultivating soloists as well as working with great ensembles.. 


Drummageddon Monday Rehearsals Mondays 5:30-8:45 (could be two groups)

This show will feature super challenging drum parts,with an emphasis on artists who utilized double drumming and/or large percussion sections. We will have double drum kits and work through Allman Brothers, 38 Special, Grateful Dead, Santana and the Doobie Brothers among others. Thinking about some drum duels. Other songs will feature solos and breakdowns like Frankenstein and Moby Dick. We will also feature songs from some of the legends. Please remember great vocalists and instrumentalists ran with the Drum Gods and Goddesses to create major music.


Best of the American Music Awards 2000-2020 Tuesday Rehearsals 5:30-8:45pm (could be two groups)

This show will feature diverse musical hits from two decades! There will be something for every musical artist. The American Music Awards (AMAs) is an annual American music awards show, generally held in the fall, created by Dick Clark, in 1973 when the ABC network’s contract to air the Grammys had expired. Winners are determined by a poll of the public and fans, who can vote through their AMAs website. Previous winners include a wide range of talent and genres, from Michael Jackson to Garth Brooks to Taylor Swift to Linkin Park to Luther Vandross to Rihanna.