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Our Students meet Brian Ireland from Something Corporate!

Wow what an awesome experience our kids from our Emo Rock performance group got to have, they got to talk to Brian Ireland, the drummer of the band Something Corporate!  Something Corporate is a featured artist in our emo rock show!  Brian was kind enough to take time and talk to the kids about his career in music and what it's like playing music on a professional level.  The kids all got to ask questions and get to find out first hand how some of this music was made.  Thanks Brian, you're amazing.    Something Corporate will be playing in the enormous "When We Were Young" Fest in Las Vegas this year which is the biggest music festival that features emo rock and pop punk.  "Playing in Something Corporate is a joy, and holds a place deep in my heart." Brian said "It is with this band that I grew up as a drummer.  Literally, I have been playing with the guys in Something Corporate since I first started.  The first grooves I ever came up with were for that band."  Brian Also plays with his best friend and ex-Something Corporate member William Tell.  The chemistry between Brian and William causes a wonderful musical relationship, as well as an unmatched environment for creativity.   Our Music Director Derek DeBlieux used to be in the band William Tell, how cool!!  Between recording and touring with both William Tell and Something Corporate, Brian does work as a studio drummer and a producer.  

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